The surgery for Gynecomastia is very expensive and you will not get the medical cover for this surgery because this is not considered as disease because this is a condition by birth. This is hard truth that that the surgery is expensive and you will not get any insurance coverage but if you can get rid of it naturally with chest exercise. In many different parts of the world the cost varies from cities to cities and depends also on the surgeon who is going to operate your gyno. In my city Bangalore, one of the surgeon told me that this is very common surgery and you will be fine in no more that 15 days.

the surgery to lose man boobs is very common and you will see that many surgeons are now advertising this plastic surgery on their websites. I want to tell you that the surgery is very painful as it will remove the gyno lump from your chest which will result in swelling after surgery. The gyno lump then removed and with the help of some fluid medicine this can be done normally.  

I have heard from many patient that the surgery results in swelling for three months and after that this slowly fades and at last you will be fit and fine. You have to make sure that you do not go for chest exercise after surgery and you should not play footbal and any outdoor games after the surgery. Because, once you started playing game after the surgery then your chest will face some extra pain and swelling will take more time to heal. I am not an expert about gyno but what can i say is with the help of my experience and knowledge gained while reading of the book and online videos. Gynecomastia is very harsh and bad condition if you fail to remove it effectively. I must have to say that this is very bad condition and you have to treat it accordingly as per guidelines given by your doctors.