Gynecomastia is a very severe condition and it is related with men. This is the rare health condition in which men get  chest fast and it looks like female breast or boobs which is  generally termed as man boobs.  When I was young at the age of 16 then i did not realise that this is a disease known as gyno but when I met doctor then he suggested me that this is gynecomastia which is a condition that when the chest hormones grow and cannot be controlled in that are and that developed a tissue lump which looks like female breast. You can get rid of it with the help of exercises at the early age of its development. After a certain again this cannot be treated with exercise and then surgery is the only solution to remove it permanently. I was told by the doctor that this is very general case and in United States of America this is one of the most popular surgery done in this year. With the help of surgery this can be treated permanently and it will not develop again. Many doctors suggest that this will grow after the surgery also but when you got it operated by a well know surgeon then the chances for getting is appear again is very less. I was told by the doctor that the surgery is very painful and this many take 2 month to recover from this condition permanently.  Here you will find more about surgery related to gynecomastia

A general question is being asked by the people that how to reduce gynecomastia with the help of exercises and this has been told by the doctors that with the help of light chest exercises you can get it removed but it should be in the early stage. For example if you are 16 years old and you are noticing gynecomastia from last 3 months then you can reverse it with the help of chest exercises. Similarly, if your gynecomastia is fully developed then getting rid of it with the help of exercise is very difficult.

There are some medicine available to reverse gynecomastia which is know as gynexin, this will also help you to some extent but this is not the permanent solution for this one. Medicine can only help in slowing down the development of hormone but the hormone can also continue developing after discontinuing the intake of medicine. The final and permanent solution is plastic surgery to get it removed in very short span of time. This surgery is very painful but at the end you will see the result in very positive manner. I am now free from gynecomastia and it took me several years of hard work and dedication with regards to chest exercise and all I can say that you can also get rid of gyno easily if you follow the given guidelines by your physician and expert gym instructor.